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Office Furniture Dealerships

The Vaughn Law Group (VLG) are trusted advisors in providing business strategy and legal guidance to dealer principal owners within the contract office furniture industry. Our primary concentration is to manage the entire merger and acquisition process for the dealer owner looking to sell or merge their business. The Vaughn Law Group develops and manages the strategic acquisition process while resourcing financially qualified buyers who range from individual business owners to multi-market medium size businesses to diverse opportunity driven-investment groups.

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Today’s business environment demands that dealer principal owners need more than just a good lawyer. They need business-savvy legal advisors who understand the office furniture industry. At The Vaughn Law Group, we understand the value of high quality legal counsel as a client contemplates and plans a business exit strategy. The Vaughn Law Group’s depth of experience and ability to deliver tailored and insightful legal advice in a cost effective manner sets the firm apart from other law firms. We believe that our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and client involvement is key to maintaining the trust of our clients.

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  • Philosophy

    The Vaughn Law Group understands that selling a business may be one of the biggest decisions of a dealer owner’s life. We also understand that a business represents an owner’s life, livelihood, circle of friends, and identity within the community. At The Vaughn Law Group, we invest time with our clients to discover the motivation behind their intention to sell their business and consider other possible issues and alternative solutions to achieve each client’s goals.

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  • Confidentiality

    The Vaughn Law Group recognizes STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY  as the lifeblood of every dealer who embarks on the journey and process of selling their business. The Vaughn Law Group imposes on all potential parties strict confidentiality through a specifically drafted and executed confidentiality agreement.  In addition we  reinforce throughout the entire process the legal responsibility and duty to maintain complete confidentiality.

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  • Experience

    The Vaughn Law Group has over 30 years of proven experience working within the contract office furniture industry. As a result, we understand that the dealer wants a combination of expert business strategy and legal guidance from their advisor. In addition, they want dealmakers, not deal breakers. Achieving that level of success depends on advice that is practical and timely, not overly theoretical or legalistic.

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We maximize the value of your asset by providing to you the best opportunity to successfully sell your business.

Are you thinking of selling or passing down your business?